This article is for anyone with a new Adventurer 3 or a Voxel that is claiming the MAC is not owned by the supplied account, or that a printer already exists with that MAC address. We expect that this issue will be solved in a future firmware update, but in the meantime the fix is as follows:

Option 1: Using Ethernet

ETH0 is a different MAC address than WLAN0 and should be unique. Plug in a live and tested ethernet cable to your printer while the power is off, and then turn the printer on. You should be able to setup the Polar Cloud once the printer is fully booted.

Option 2: Re-Create the WLAN MAC address

Connect printer to WiFi if you haven't already. Go to the TOOLS and UPDATE button to update the firmware onboard the printer. If you're already up to date, it will tell you so and you can skip this step. If not, update the printer. Then, do a factory reset and TURN THE PRINTER OFF IMMEDIATELY, POST RESET. This resets the MAC address and allows the Polar Cloud to connect to the printer.

Success story from a user, left with us:

"Getting Polar Cloud to work for me meant that I needed to update the firmware (done on the printer if it is connected to the internet through wifi) and then a factory reset. In order for the factory reset to 'Stick' the power to the machine had to be turned off immediately post reset. That resets the MAC enabling Polar Cloud to recognize my printer and attach it to my account. I've had very little trouble with Polar Cloud since it registered the printer to the account."