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Polar Cloud enabled 3D Printers have to send and receive info over the internet. If your school's network keeps them from doing so, your printer won't function properly. If you think you've added your printer to the network correctly (via wifi or ethernet) some symptoms of a block include..

  • No camera feed 

  • Printer showing up as "Offline"

  • Printer falls offline after short amount of time

  • Cannot send start/stop/pause print commands

Sites that need to be accessed by the printers:, TCP ports 80 and 443.


The DNS A records for these domain names can and do change regularly.  They are behind load balancers and Amazon AWS does every so often change the DNS A records for them. Moreover, those load balancers are multi-homed and thus can and do have multiple A records. And they additionally reach out to Amazon S3: they perform HTTP/HTTPS GET requests against Amazon S3 sites. The FF printers with cameras also perform HTTP/HTTPS POSTs against Amazon S3 sites (uploading camera images). There is no one host name for all HTTP/HTTPS GET and POSTS other than to allow *  (The S3 region can change; it dictates whether it is or or etc.)