If you're not yet dialed in or comfortable with your printer, we suggest sticking around to monitor the first layer of your print. This way if it's not sticking (small details, corners, or nothing at all) you can cancel the print and add more glue or re-level the plate.

If you still end up with a part that "hugs" onto the nozzle and creates a blob/mess like this, keep in mind the things below.


  • There are heater and thermistor wires coming out of the heater block. If the plastic is surrounding the wires, you have to be very careful removing the plastic in that area. Replacing the heater or thermistor (because of damage) can be very difficult and expensive, and is not covered in your printer's warranty.

  • The yellow and white tape is ceramic paper covered in Kapton tape. If damaged, this can come off (don't worry about it).

  • There is a black fan shroud surrounding the heater block. This can be removed by removing two M3 screws, one on the left and one on the right. This may make it easier to remove the plastic mess.