The Dremel's build plate is borosilicate glass surrounded by a hard rubbery blue plastic. The plate is secured at the back by two static metal clips, and then two latch-style clips in the front. When working with the build plate, it is always good practice to make sure that the printer is powered down and fully cooled. Once you become more comfortable working with the printer you can leave it on for basic maintenance and removal of the plate.

Start by un-clipping the black latches at the front of the build plate.

Then, pull upwards and outwards on the build plate. You may need to tilt it to get it t ough the front door.

When you're ready to replace the build plate, make sure that the heated PCB is free of printed parts or debris.

Line the notches in the back of the plate with the silver clips, and lower the front of the build plate. Press the front of the build plate back into the clips until they're activated again.