Dremel filament includes an RFID chip that tells the machine what filament you're printing with. This is convenient for some but a headache for others. It should work normally - but here's more info from Dremel if you're not getting a reading on your chipped filament.

The Dremel is unique because it asks you to set 4 settings each time you load different filament. The printer takes these settings, remembers which filament is loaded, and changes its behavior accordingly. Those 4 settings are below.

  • Extruder temperature

  • Bed temperature

  • Fan Speed

  • Print speed

Since the Dremel 3D45 has an all-metal hotend and a PCB heated bed, you're able to accomodate the printing of many different types of filament. Just know that each filament likes to be printed a little differently.

The Dremel has a setting in the ADV SETTINGS portion of the LCD screen that is called "override G-code." From Dremel's FAQ,

The 3D45 chooses settings that are optimized for each type of filament. However we understand the need for adjustability. There are two levels of user control of print settings. 1. From the Main screen press FILAMENT > VIEW/EDIT FILAMENT SETTINGS. This will allow you to specify temperatures and speeds. These settings will be remembered for as long as that spool is loaded. 2. From the Main screen press TOOLS > SETTINGS > ADV. MODE. Selecting "PRIORITIZE G-CODE SETTINGS" will set the printer to always use the print settings included in the print file. This allows you to change parameters in your slicer and have them faithfully used by the printer.