The Polar3D's indicator lights will tell you what status the printer is in. If the 3D is showing blue, that means your printer is in "Local Hotspot" mode.

From any WiFi enabled device (laptop, chromebook, PC, mobile, etc) you should see a new WiFi network available. It will be your printer's serial number, in the form of P3D*****. Connect your device to the network, and if it prompts for a password enter your serial number again, in the form of P3D*****. You may get a message like "no internet access" or something to that effect - but this is normal.

Open up any web browser, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. and go up to the address bar. There, you'll enter and hit enter.

This will take you to what we call the "Local UI" or Local Interface of the printer. Once you're there, visit the NETWORKS tab on the left and enter your wifi credentials. Once you save them, the printer will reboot, connecting to your network.

If you have issues connecting or the 3D is yellow after a reboot, you may need to work with your network admin team to see if anything further has to be done.