If the printer is booting but you can't access it, you might want to reset the networks.

On newer Software (10.11 is confirmed to work) you can reset the networks without getting into the printer itself. Steps are below.

  1. Take a blank USB Flash/Thumb drive

  2. On it, create a file or folder called polar3d_reset and place it on a USB Flash drive. (One is attached for your use, just download and add to your Flash Drive.)

  3. Power off the printer

  4. Insert the USB flash drive in the back of the printer (the port is on the left when viewing from directly behind), then power on the printer

  5. Watch for the POLAR3D logo on the front to turn ALL WHITE. This is the first sign of a successful reset.

  6. After it is white for 15-20 seconds, it should boot normally. 

  7. You're all done!