Polar 3D Connection Woes

This article only applies to printers with serial numbers at and before P3D01999

Unplug ethernet and  USB if either are plugged in. Power up the printer to check on the fan and camera as prerequisite to any further troubleshooting.

  1. Check that the fan in the back is running by putting your hand over the slotting. This fan keeps the electronics cool and should at all times. 


  1. Check that you have a new camera. Below, you’ll see the new camera and the old camera side by side. You’ll see two differences, the orientation of the lights and whether or not they’re actually lit up. Make sure yours is the new camera, and notify us if it’s not. (If it’s the old and you’d like to continue troubleshooting, power down the printer, and remove the camera by pulling forward. Then, unplug the camera and set aside).


Assuming your fan in the back is running and your camera is new (or disconnected) we’re ready to resume normal troubleshooting.

Reboot the printer and watch the 3D logo on the front of the printer. Take what you see and look for it in the table below.

Colors → White

Your printer is functional and talking to The Cloud. 

Colors → Blue

Your printer is functional as a HotSpot. On a WiFi enabled device you should be able to connect to a network called P3D______ and visit in your browser.

Colors → Yellow

Your printer is semi-functional, as it is connected to a network it recognizes but that network is blocking it from talking to The Cloud.

Colors → Purple

Your printer either has no serial number assigned to it (fresh SD Card) or is overheating, coincidentally, at purple. Check the camera and fan.

It stayed white the whole time.. for more than a minute

Your printer is either running very old software or is in need of a hard reset. Watch this video to see how.