Note: Please ONLY complete these steps if counseled to do so by our support team. This fix is only needed in certain circumstances.

Note: If your firmware won't update to reflect the newer Polar 3D 2.5z change, you may not have the gray boot pin wire in the correct spot. If it's plugged into the pins in the center of the board, please move it to the position shown in the GIF in step 11.

  1. Update printer in Local UI, run M115 GCode to confirm it's running "Machine-Type: Polar 3D 2.5, Firmware-Version: 2.5.170823    All Rights Reserved, Polar 3D LLC"

  2. Find blank USB Flashdrive, format to Fat16 or Fat32

  3. Download Marlin25.cpp.hex file to flashdrive

  4. Power down Polar3D Printer

  5. Plug in flashdrive with hex file on it

  6. Boot (plug in) Polar3D Printer

  7. Allow POLAR3D logo on front of printer to turn all white for a few seconds. It'll then turn blue over red. Once blue over red, you can unplug power to the printer. You'll also want to unplug the Flashdrive when the power to the printer is off

  8. Confirm afterwards with another M115 GCode that it's running "Machine-Type: Polar 3D 2.5z, Firmware-Version: 2.5.180305"

  9. Power down the printer

  10. Remove the 6 screws in the back cover of the printer

  11. Switch the Z Sensor (leftmost, 3 wires) with the Y Sensor (center, 1 wire) as seen in the graphic below

  12. Replace the back cover and re-secure using the 6 screws, reboot and confirm things work!