VIA THE LCD SCREEN ON THE PRINTER (make sure you're connected to the internet!)


This should only be necessary if you can't connect to 

the internet, if updates are failing, or if your instance of 

the update has errors/bugs and needs to be redone.


This will be outlined in steps below, but in the case that the FW dates ever change, please ONLY press ACCEPT on the FW listed below, and press LATER on any listed that don't.

CURRENT FW: R02.03.16

  1. Download the "Current FW" ZIP in the link above. 

  2. If your computer supports it, extract the .zip file by double clicking on it. If it doesn't, you may need an unzipping software.

  3. Move those contents (not the folder or zipped file) to your blank USB Flash drive.

  4. Power off the printer by flipping the switch on the right side of the printer to OFF

  5. Place the USB Flash Drive into the USB port in the front of the printer

  6. Power on the printer by flipping the power switch back on

  7. Press ACCEPT when you see the prompt that matches the CURRENT FW date listed above

  8. Wait for the printer to update

  9. Once it's done, press RESTART and watch the button shrink. Simultaneously, pull out the USB Flash Drive. The RESTART NOW screen will hang for a few seconds, so give it time.

  10. Wait for the printer to restart and the main screen to come back up. Say LATER to the FW Update if it's anything other than the one mentioned above in CURRENT FW

Visit the TOOLS > CLOUDS section and add your Polar Cloud Account, if you haven't already.