1. Format your USB Flash drive to Fat16 or Fat32. This is done by Right Clicking on it (from a Windows) or from Disk Utility on a Mac. Be sure to back up or copy whatever you have on your flash drive before formatting! It will clear everything on the drive.
  2. Download the "Current FW" ZIP in the link above. Unzip the contents onto a USB Flash drive. You should see the contents, not the 1 Zipped file. Picture below.
  3. Power off your Inventor by pressing the Black button next to the LCD or flipping the power switch in the back.
  4. Plug the USB Flash drive in the USB slot on the right side of the printer
  5. Power on the printer by flipping the power switch back on, and then pressing the Black power button next to the LCD on the front
  6. Wait for the update to install
  7. Once it chimes, turn off the printer using the switch in the back. While off, remove the USB Thumb drive from the printer.
  8. Power the printer back on using the switch and black power button.