Welcome to the GE Additive Education Program for primary and secondary schools (the “Program”). We congratulate you for being selected as one of over 400 schools from around the world participating in this inaugural class! Under the stewardship of the GE Additive Steering Committee, Polar3D will be administering the Program so you will be hearing a lot from us here at Team Polar3D.

Polar3D Classroom Package

Your school’s Polar3D Classroom package, consisting of 2 Polar Cloud enabled 3D printers, 12 rolls of filament, and the Tinkering with Turbine kit, will ship between August 25th and September 15th, 2017. As the primary contact for your school, you will receive an email upon shipment that will contain tracking information. If you would like additional people to be notified upon shipment, please provide their name and email here.

Getting Started

You will receive an email on August 1st, 2017 from the Polar Cloud authorizing your Premium account which includes access to STEAMtrax and Maker's Empire. STEAMtrax is our STEAM based education modules featuring the GE sponsored Tinkering with Turbines. Makers Empire is a great option for young designers. The in-app tutorials and guided videos allow you to learn alongside your students. If you already have a Polar Cloud account, you will still receive the email and the Premium offerings will automatically activate for your account on August 1st. Your colleagues can sign in to the Polar Cloud any time after August 1st to review STEAMtrax and Makers Empire. Each organization will have a join code they can disperse to give their colleagues access to their Premium Polar Cloud license.

Webinar & Training Schedule

Training will be administered in the form of online webinars. Each primary webinar will include a prepared video portion, followed by Live Q&A from the Polar3D support team. Live webinars will be given Tuesday through Friday, beginning Tuesday, August 15th and run through Friday, October 27th. You will be able to register for the webinars, including private webinars, from the Polar Cloud and recordings will be available for playback on demand for all participants.



What to Expect

GE has a long tradition of supporting our educational institutions and this Program will help develop future talent in additive manufacturing. Thanks to GE, your students will have access to a “Platform for Making” with machines, materials and curricula to allow them to explore, create and transform digital models into physical objects. We encourage you to promote your participation in the Program and use it as a recruitment and retention tool.

Each participating school will have a dashboard on the Polar Cloud that provides data on student engagement, design and print activity. In your school’s application, an estimate was provided regarding the number of students who will have access to the Program. A monthly scorecard will be compiled for you and visible when teachers and students sign in to the Polar Cloud to report on student engagement as well as other key performance indicators and items of interest.

Recognition and awards will also be given to high performing schools and individuals. You will know where you stand against your peers. The goal is to drive student engagement and learning in a collaborative environment. Polar3D is here to help your educators and students succeed. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.



If you have questions or need assistance now or at any time during the Program, please let us know. You can simply email GEAEP@Polar3D.com and a representative will create a support ticket and otherwise work with you to resolve/optimize the situation.

We look forward to your school’s success in the Program! Your students are the engineers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Congratulations again on being selected for the Program.


Team Polar3D