Using Groups on the Polar Cloud

Groups on the Polar Cloud are used to organize classes and assign modules. Creating a group for your class is easy and only takes a moment.

Start by logging in to the Polar Cloud. Open the Groups tab.

In the top right corner of the Groups page, you'll see three buttons: Join, Create, and Search. Click on Create and a dialog box will appear. Here you can enter the name of the group, as well as a brief description. Good names will help identify a group easily; "Mr. Morris' Fifth Period Science" or "Ms. Bethany's Third Grade Math". While not mandatory, location and website can be useful indicators for students. Putting your school's name in location ensures clarity, while website can be used as a link to the school's website or your personal teacher page.

Click Create when satisfied with your entries.

Using Your Group

Once created, you'll be taken to the group Summary page. Here you can see the information you just entered, the date the group was created, the type of group as well as an overview of members, printers, and objects in the header. 

Under the Members tab you will find an overview of all members in your group, as well as send invitations.

Objects can be shared to your students on the objects page, allowing students to easily find and print objects needed for class.

To give group members access to a printer, share it via the Printers tab. A shared printer only allows group users to queue objects, unless changed under the Settings tab. Turn on or off the ability to control printers at the bottom right of the settings page. Also found on the settings page are on/off for the Join Code, changing the type of group, and altering the group's Name, Location, Website, and Desicription (the entries asked for when creating the group).

The Modules tab will show any modules you have assigned to the group. To assign modules to your class, click Assign in the top right corner and select the desired module. This can only be done as a manager of a group. Doing so will give any group members access to the student side of the assigned module.