Class groups on the Polar Cloud play an important role when integrating a 3D printer into the classroom. Follow these simple steps to join a group using a join code. 

First, log in to the Polar Cloud.

Next, navigate on the Polar Cloud to the Groups tab.

You'll be presented with a page of the Public Groups, as well as a page for your private groups. In the top right corner of the page are the options "Join", "Create", and "Search". Select the Join button.

A dialog box will appear, requesting your eight character join code. 

Enter your join code and you'll receive confirmation you've joined the group and also be sent to the group home page.

Explore the members, objects, printers, and curriculum available as a part of your new group.

NOTE: In order for a join code to work, it must first be turned on by the group owner. This is done under the settings tab.