Attached are the Simplify 3D FFF profiles.

Polar 1.0 Printers can be connected via USB. Make sure you have the Silicon Labs Drivers (found here), and connect at Baud Rate; 115,200. A USB B cable must be connected before the printer is booted. Make sure your computer does not sleep during printing, as that will interrupt all communication.

Polar 1.1 & 2.0 Printers can load G Code through the Local IP. Simply go to the Printer's Local IP, then Print File page, and upload your GCode. 

2.0 Start GCode

G92 Z0 Y0
G90 ; absolute
M82 ; mm units
M107 ; turn fan off
M104 T0 S175 ; set extruder temp
G92 E0 F1000; set inital position of extruder
M109 T0 S175 ; wait for temp
G0 E-7
G0 E0
G0 Z1 F300
G0 Z.3 X98 Y0 F2000
M104 S{TEMP0}
M109 S{TEMP0}
G0 Z.3 Y45 X98 E25 F400
G92 E0 ; reset extruder

2.0 End GCode

G91 ; relative positioning
G1 Z10
M104 T0 S0
G90 ; absolute positioning
G92 E0 ; reset position
G28 X ; home the x axis
G0 Y180 X75 F2500 ; move build plate to present part
M84 ; turn steppers off
M107 ; turn fan off
G92 Y0