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Replacing the Fan

The fan on our first generation printer keeps the daughterboard from overheating. The printer will struggle to connect if it is not running. If yours has failed, follow the steps below to replace it.

  1. Power off your printer and remove the six (6) screws in the back plate and gently remove. The fan is snapped in place and can be removed by unhinging the two clips at the side.

  1. Locate the green connector on the top right of the Printrboard. Using a small screwdriver (flathead or phillips both work, just has to be small), loosen the pins and remove the fan that has failed.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 4.33.50 PM.png

  1. Grab your new fan. With the black wire on top and the red wire on bottom, re-seat the wires into the green connector. Re-tighten the screws so that the fan is secured.

  1. Clip the fan into the back cover, matching the orientation below, on the next page. The black sticker should be facing inwards, and the wires should be pointing up and to the left. When you put the cover back on, make sure the all the wires aren’t squeezed between the cover and the printer.


  1. If you took out the black fan shroud, make sure that it’s replaced.

  1. You’re done!

Tip: Plug the printer in to make sure the fan is running before putting the screws back in!