If you have a Polar 3D printer and have a filament from a previous 3D printer, you are in luck! Polar 3D does not use proprietary filament. This means that as long as you have 1.75mm filament, your Polar 3D printer can print it. We strongly recommend PLA in the classroom as it is easier for beginners and does not require ventilation.

Our only suggestion when it comes to filament is cheaper is not always the best choice. 

Just because you found a $10 roll on Amazon does not mean that it is going to have the same print quality as the Polar 3D filament or any other brands of filament. You will most likely find particles within the filament that cause jams in the 3D printer, making it an annoyance to keep cleaning it out.

If you are looking for some filament you can shop our collection of 25 colors.