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Pogo Account is suspended due to Infringement of EA Guidelines

· If your Pogo account is suspended or banned for some EA guidelines infringement, then contact Pogo Customer Helpline at and chat with their EA advisors or provide them your contact phone number and they will ring you back.

· If anything, suspicious you notice about your Pogo account, they immediately report it to Pogo Customer Care via chat or email.

· If you have recently received some unauthorized bill on the card from EA or Pogo, then speak with EA advisors regarding same before the cancellation

· Do not reply to any unknown email in the name of Pogo or EA

· Do not share your account credentials over the phone, via chat or email

· Change your EA & Pogo login password and also, change email password if shared with anyone

· Make sure that your Pogo computer is secured with some security application

· Report it to EA support, if Pogo games do not open in the right window, on the contrary, they redirect to some weird web links

It is indeed sad for those users who paid their Club Pogo membership fee and yet locked. It is important for us as well to notify EA regarding anything suspicious happening in your account
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