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Videocam off when viewing dashboard on other computers

Hello, so I have my webcam setup on my Flashforge Finder and it works great on my personal computer, webcam is pretty much real-time and works no problems.

However, what I cannot seem to figure out is when I load Polar3D on other computers, such as my phone or my computer at work, the webcam icon is crossed out and the webcam "feed" turns into a slideshow, updating only every few seconds.

I've read that there is a 'Local UI' page on the Dashboard but apparently not for my Flashforge Finder. Was wondering if anyone here knew why this is. Thanks!

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The only time I have this issue viewing the video feed on my phone is if I'm not connected to the same WiFi network as the printer. I could be wrong, but think that could be the issue. My laptop at school is on the same WiFi and get the live video. If I view on my phone, which is not on the school's WiFi, them I get the still image that updates every 20 seconds or so.
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