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Firmware Update - #ERROR7

I setup the Inventor II according to the instructions including connecting it to Polarcloud. It was reporting that the camera was not connected.

Noticed the steps for activating the camera couldn't be followed as I didn't have those options on my 3D printer.

I followed the steps to perform a USB firmware update.

When I had completed the update (which took an extremely short amount of time, 5-10 seconds, excluding reboot)

The 3D printer now does not boot up properly and instead displays the initial splash screen followed by #ERROR7 with a ok button placed below. Once the button is pressed nothing happens.

What do I do? How do I fix it? Should I try flashing the older firmware back? Where do I get the older firmware?

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Just experienced a similar issue.  I have downloaded the software, but it is taking foreverrrrrrr to update.

After it updated, i got the same message and the fan on the extruder started to run, same error

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