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Dremel 3d45 can’t link polar help!

Hey guys I have been trying for hours to link my printer I have followed step by step and the details are correct I have checked 100 times lol. Can anyone help me or had the same problem? Cheers Garry

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I am having the same issue. Has yours been resolved?

I got a replacement printer after the first one packing up and I’m getting the same on the new one. I’m back and forward with support for weeks now but still no luck. My printer doesn’t recognise the filement so you have to manual put the details in even know it’s dremel own brand. Also having problems with “ invalid key” warning every time everything is up to date even have new FW from dremel to fix it but still no luck. So my 3d45 is the same as a 3d40 seen as all the extras you get from the 45 I can’t use. Cheers Garry
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