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Printer Status stuck in Printing

I stopped a print, and now it's stucked in the PRINTING status. I already tried to reset it bu nothing happens.


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If your Printer status stuck in printing problem please contact +1 844-669-3399. They provide help without any cost, I also get help for my canon printer offline when my printer going offline again and again. 

If you need support For Brother Printer Visit>>Brother printer Support

I have exactly the same problem, the only solution is to restart the printer, re-connect to Polar and wait. Sometimes 1 hour sometimes 1 day, no one knows. I've been struggling with Flashforge printer and Polar Cloud since the day I got it, Flashford native cloud solution is great but it lacks camera viewing, so I thought Polar would be ok but I was wrong. 3D printers remote solutions are very limited at the moment.

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