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Is it just me or are others not getting support on their printers?

Title-  I have a support ticket that is over 35days old now.  They sent us a replacement printer and that replacement printer has never worked!  We called them, and were told to make a support ticket and there has been no response.  They ignore phone calls and dont call back.  Their social media tags and still no responses..

Is it just me?

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Thanks Andrew as I sent a laundry list of concerns as well as a request for the part I need. Will keep the group posted.  I see that Bill Steele is about to launch Reality Printers which will be made by FlashForge. Not sure what that means for Polar 3D leadership and future although I am getting leary of hooking my horse to this platform each day the silence mounts.

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Looks like I will be joining you with the FFs.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to learn/play with it until next August as our school is a week away from Summer break..   

Has anyone actually heard from any Polar 3D Staff? I have two tickets that are three months old and made over a dozen calls with no response. My next step now that school is out is to just drop in and see if they are still there. Any answers?

I have not heard a peep from Polar or Flashforge. My "upgraded" FF printer is now in a box next to the 2 Polar 3D printers I learned on. I am disappointed since beyond the $1600.00 or so our school is out, I really liked the idea of using Polar Cloud for print management and was willing to pay for that as well. I sort of wish I knew what was going on with the company as I feel an attachment to them beyond just the hardware.

I have had decent luck with Van Morris at Polar - he has helped out a few times.  I also received a quick response from Flash Forge when my Inventor 2 had a leveling issue - they sent me a replacement part for the broken sensor.  I definitely understand the frustrations, as I was there last year with the Polar3D printer I had countless issues with.  I love the Polar Cloud, but definitely wish there was more support from the company on the hardware side of things.  

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For the past couple years, been nothing but happy with their service, but since December it has gotten much worse with no service since March. 

I did not receive much help from Van on numerous occasions I had to call their phone to get any type of support.  Although I did get a new printer sent to me, its a flash forge 2, I am skeptical to even set it up because of the issues I have read from the other users in this thread.    While I was trying to get support, I was being ignored yet seeing their social media being active with videos and other stuff...  

I heard a rumor from another user that POLAR is done making 3D printers.  I also heard that they are going to try to compete in the 3D market with their polar cloud.  Its nice but I dont care about a community, As a teacher I just want to be able to print my students projects. 

 If I wanted a community I would be on thingiverse.  

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