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Is it just me or are others not getting support on their printers?

Title-  I have a support ticket that is over 35days old now.  They sent us a replacement printer and that replacement printer has never worked!  We called them, and were told to make a support ticket and there has been no response.  They ignore phone calls and dont call back.  Their social media tags and still no responses..

Is it just me?

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Thanks Andrew as I sent a laundry list of concerns as well as a request for the part I need. Will keep the group posted.  I see that Bill Steele is about to launch Reality Printers which will be made by FlashForge. Not sure what that means for Polar 3D leadership and future although I am getting leary of hooking my horse to this platform each day the silence mounts.

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Looks like I will be joining you with the FFs.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to learn/play with it until next August as our school is a week away from Summer break..   

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