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Is it just me or are others not getting support on their printers?

Title-  I have a support ticket that is over 35days old now.  They sent us a replacement printer and that replacement printer has never worked!  We called them, and were told to make a support ticket and there has been no response.  They ignore phone calls and dont call back.  Their social media tags and still no responses..

Is it just me?

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I did not receive much help from Van on numerous occasions I had to call their phone to get any type of support.  Although I did get a new printer sent to me, its a flash forge 2, I am skeptical to even set it up because of the issues I have read from the other users in this thread.    While I was trying to get support, I was being ignored yet seeing their social media being active with videos and other stuff...  

I heard a rumor from another user that POLAR is done making 3D printers.  I also heard that they are going to try to compete in the 3D market with their polar cloud.  Its nice but I dont care about a community, As a teacher I just want to be able to print my students projects. 

 If I wanted a community I would be on thingiverse.  

For the past couple years, been nothing but happy with their service, but since December it has gotten much worse with no service since March. 

I have had decent luck with Van Morris at Polar - he has helped out a few times.  I also received a quick response from Flash Forge when my Inventor 2 had a leveling issue - they sent me a replacement part for the broken sensor.  I definitely understand the frustrations, as I was there last year with the Polar3D printer I had countless issues with.  I love the Polar Cloud, but definitely wish there was more support from the company on the hardware side of things.  

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I have not heard a peep from Polar or Flashforge. My "upgraded" FF printer is now in a box next to the 2 Polar 3D printers I learned on. I am disappointed since beyond the $1600.00 or so our school is out, I really liked the idea of using Polar Cloud for print management and was willing to pay for that as well. I sort of wish I knew what was going on with the company as I feel an attachment to them beyond just the hardware.

Has anyone actually heard from any Polar 3D Staff? I have two tickets that are three months old and made over a dozen calls with no response. My next step now that school is out is to just drop in and see if they are still there. Any answers?

Looks like I will be joining you with the FFs.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to learn/play with it until next August as our school is a week away from Summer break..   

Thanks Andrew as I sent a laundry list of concerns as well as a request for the part I need. Will keep the group posted.  I see that Bill Steele is about to launch Reality Printers which will be made by FlashForge. Not sure what that means for Polar 3D leadership and future although I am getting leary of hooking my horse to this platform each day the silence mounts.

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I have a FlashForge Inventor 2.  Apparently, the bed-leveling senor broke several months ago and I didn't realize it until I installed a print bed and attempted to re-level.  I spoke with Van about the issue and also sent in a ticket to FlashForge.  After sending it a video of the leveling process and a close up photo of the broken senor, and verifying it is still under warranty, they are sending me a replacement part.  If you are having a similar issue, you may want to contact FlashForge directly.

I hope this helps some of you with a similar issue.

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We have been waiting for support as well. One of our teachers put in a ticket for support, they sent us two shipping labels to send the two units we had problems with and then they closed the ticket. I opened another ticket last week requesting some update but have not heard anything yet. Is there an issue with the company?

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My wait is currently 2 months and counting..  THEY responded once and then went silent for 2 weeks now..  

I'm having the same issue. Just sent two printers in almost two weeks ago and haven't heard back. We got an automated email about the ticket being closed due to inactivity and to reply if it was closed by mistake, that's about it. Their customer support number is down also.

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Hmmm... I found the same piece a long time ago and kept it, but never had any issue until attempting to level.  Would love to know what its purpose is.

I have not had a single problem until now.  Printed almost non-stop since receiving in January with no issues.


I found a small piece on the build plate. Upon closer view, I saw it went to the level setup. Since this I have not tried to level as was waiting on hearing back from Polar who was waiting to hear from FF. Radio silence so I just do not try to level it. I do have 4 3D Wox and 1 Ultimaker 3X so print with those. I wanted to use the Polar Cloud for younger students and to help manage the whole printing process. Not sure if that will happen now. The FF is a nice little printer, but like most less expensive printers, they have more downtime, or so it seems.


Karl, what happened to your leveling component that broke?  Wondering if I have the same issue and just don't realize it.

I removed the blue sheet the printer came with and installed a new black Build Tak sheet I purchased.  Looking back, I probably shouldn't have re-leveled, but I just followed the directions on the back of the package.  

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