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My Printer Goes Dead for Weeks and Then Comes Back Online Randomly

My printer is powered on, if I look in the fan port in back, I see that there is a green light. The POLAR3D display is dark and I can't connect to it any way I try. This happens for a week or two at a time, then for no known reason, the display will illuminate and it prints just fine for a short period of time. Has anyone else had and or fixed this problem. I have made two help tickets and all I have gotten is the following question: Are you using the right power supply? HELP!!

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Not sure if anyone responded to you, but I have a similar problem. 

They just sent me a replacement printer that randomly connects to my schools internet network then goes offline.  It connects then disconnects and will not stay connected.  It is not an issue with our network as the other 6 printers have are online.  We called support they told us that its a bad wifi card in the printer.  We were then told to make a ticket and now 14 days later no response....  

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