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Microsoft School Account Login

I am an IT administrator in a Microsoft based district. Signing into the Cloud2.0 is difficult for students. We don't use Google for signing in to things (has been phased out), Facebook is blocked, and kids already have Microsoft school/work accounts but not Live accounts to login. The login for students would require each student to create a new account in one of those areas. 

I would like to see a login option for Microsoft work/school accounts, either by cloud or with LDAP services. This would open Cloud 3D to everyone for us and save a bunch of time setting things up for students.


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I appear to have this working on a development system of ours and would like if you could try a login there as well.  I don't want to broadcast the location of the development system, so if you can drop me an e-mail at I can point you at it.


With help from Zach Glaser and others, we hope to go live with an Office 365 login button this weekend (9/10 December 2017).   We'll again update this thread when it goes live.

Office 365 login support just went live.  It's presently the bottommost of the four login buttons.

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