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Top of 3D printed Item not printing correctly


We have 2 newly purchased Polar3D printers.  I am emailing because the 3D printer is not coming out with precise printed items.  For example, we tested it out with a cube.  The bottom of the cube printed fine, but the top was full of air pockets and not completed.  This has happened to every item printed so far.  How can I get the top of items to be aligned and fully printed? 


Could you add a picture of the printed cubes, that would help a lot?

Here are some pictures. 

Worst case, a clogged nozzle for you...

Good thing is that you can fix it, bad news is that you'll have to dissasemmble the printhead.

Would you happen to know anyone with some experience in fixing 3D-printers?

Other things you can try, print a little warmer ,from 192° up until 216°

Use painters blue tape for better bed adhesion an recalibrate , make sure the nozzle is not to close to the bed, else it can clog because the plastic can't be pushed out between the nozzle and the bed.

And try to print in layer height 0,2mm ?

How can you make sure the nozzle is not too close to the bed when printing? 

Actually it's easier to do it wrong in the other direction and then fix it.

Increase the offset just until the plastic doesn't stick to the bed, and then go down a few steps.

Also if the first layer is mostly transparent, chances are it's to close.  

It's the last layers- not the first. 

Also, is there a video I can watch on disassembling the print head? 



If the nozzle is to close to the printbed, not all plastic can be pushed trough , that residue builds up and slowly clogs the nozzle, sometimes this can make a print fail later on.

Perhaps on youtube?

We have seen this as well on filaments that do not have a good consistent diameter, suddenly the extruder can't seem to push it anymore.

The Cube shows stringing and infill as opposed to starting a layer. Did you manually stop the print or did the machine indicate it was finished? I agree with Kristof that setting too low at the beginning could cause some clogging and other issues later. I wouldn't disassembly the head just yet. You could try setting the hot end temp and pushing a heavy flow of filament through and/or very carefully using a .4mm needle to gently clear a blockage.

How do you push a heavy flow through?  

Also, I did not manually stop the print.

Hi, we had some of the same issues yesterday.

You can try printing at 212°, print speed 30mm/s, 

advanced settings:

infill speed 20/ infill overlap 25 / infill amount 30%

filament flow 100%

retraction, 2mm / speed 50mm/s

minimal distance 1,5mm

wall thickness 5 walls

bottom layer count 5

top layer count 8

all following speeds 30, except move 50

cool minimal lyaer time 8 sec

cooling fan enabled.

ALWAYS print 2cm away from the center of the bed.

How can you make sure your print is 2 cm away from the center of the bed?  I think that might be part of the problem too... I swear I watched all of the webinars, but I still seem to be missing something...

Thanks for your help!

Christine - when you place object on the virtual buildplate in the Polar Cloud, just be sure to drag the item a touch off center - you should be able to just click and drag or use either the X or Y offset sliders.  

These printers work best with nothing in the center of the buildplate.

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