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Multiple printers on 1 raspberry pi

I currently have two printers hooked up to the same raspberry pi, the raspberry pi has 2 cameras. 1 for each printer. On Octoprint I can view each printer individually this way. However when I register both printers for Polar Cloud they use the same Serial number. 

I use this to make 1 raspberry control multiple printers.

Is there a way I can make them have different Serial numbers to view they separately on Polar Cloud.  

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I have the same question. Anyone can help answer this? Thank you! 

Hey ding jienan i ended up just going with octoprint anywhere. It can do multiple printers on the same raspberry. it use to be free. But now after you first printer is hooked up it cost to hook up another. But atleast it works... idk if Polar Cloud has changed since. Guessing not if you have the same question.

thanks for replying my question. I saw their premium service contract. It is difficult to find a real free software today. Thanks.

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