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Printer Will Not Communicate

My printer will not communicate with the cloud at all.  The Polar 3D symbol is blue over blue.  I have tried the wi-fi, ethernet, and even tried a USB cable.  I have reset the printer and the networks.  Nothing.  I can get on the printers wi-fi and communicate with the printer that way.  Other than that nothing works.  This thing has had numerous problems since the day I received it.  No one from Polar 3D is returning e-mails or phone calls to help anymore.  Are there any ideas on what to do?

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I am getting nothing from my printer except a red and green LED from the internal board.  Put in a work order ticket and have not heard back.  Any luck with yours yet?

I ended up Facebook messaging the company.  Got a reply almost immediately.  As far as resolving the issue, we are still working on it.  

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