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Filament stuck

Good morning,

    We have had a piece of filament stuck in the printer for a few weeks now.  It is broken off deep inside the tube that the nozzle screws on to.  We've tried turning the printer all the way up to 250 degrees, but the piece must be just high enough that the filament doesn't melt.  We've also tried heating the smaller wrench with a heat gun and pushing it down from above the jam, but that did not work.

Is there any way to take the whole tube out? Any other ideas?

Thank you!

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I'm also having this problem, was there any solution found?

We ended up having to heat the allen wrench with a heat gun and jamming it through.  It took many tries and was very frustrating!  

I had a similar issue with a couple printers. I had to be extremely careful, but I used a drill bit on my power driver to clear out the passageway. Just be careful to use a small enough bit that you don't damage the passageway at all, but it's the most success I've had with keeping that area clear!

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