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Google Classroom & Student Club Login!

I teach around 550 K - 8th grade students and have 7 Polar 3D's. Yesterday, I decided to look at clubs again because I want my new groups to be able to control their own prints.  When I clicked on add a club, it asked me if I wanted to choose a course.  With a few clicks, I had chosen to add my 7th/8th grade Genius Hour Google Classroom account and added all 7 of our printers to each student. This morning, students opened the Polar Cloud and singed in with Google.  Poof, they could finally import designs and send them to the printers!  This is much improved over the option of me signing into the Polar Cloud on all my classroom computers with my google sign in (horrible, I know).  The only problem is, the prints wouldn't start. I just changed the control computers setting on the club to see if that will help. I am so excited!  


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This looks to be very helpful.

Great to hear, Cindy! We have 7 Polars at our school (K-12) that we are getting up and running.

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