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Print head stops lifting

 Printer will, quite often, start printing, then decide not to lift up the priint head after a layer.  I have attempted to print out 4 times, and 3 out of the 4, the print head stops moving.

Was this with the Calibration Thing or one of the built in files? Also, is your firmware up-to-date?

I sent a reply, but I don't know what happened to it.  This was a file I downloaded from Thingiverse.  I believe my firmware is up to data because

1. It is a brand new printer

2. I don't have an "Update" button on the printer screen.

Not sure what could be going on. I know that Polar3D is behind on their tickets but working hard to catch up. If you haven't printed one of the built-in files, I would consider doing that first before a new design. Also, to consider printing from the direct connection to the printer (connecting to it as a wifi access point) or "going to local IP" on the Cloud dashboard screen.

If you try to print anything again, maybe you can take a picture of the aftermath of whatever it prints and post it here?

Why are my replies not showing up here?  I sent 2 pictures by replying to the email.


This is now happening to me. What is the solution?

Did anyone get a fix on this? I cannot get mine to lift anymore either. 

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