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Details on the NEW Polar Cloud 2.0

Could you provide updates on Polar Cloud 2.0 and anything we may need to do to prepare for any transition that is imminent.

On Oct 4th 2016, Polar3D Blog said, "he Polar Cloud 2.0 will go live January 1, 2017 and aims to greatly expand and enrich the user experience. "

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Ben - keep an eye out for an email explaining transition prep today.


Van Morris
Polar 3D
Community Manager
Direct: 513.258.0031 x107

Ummm...I'm still looking... ;-)

My apologies - email only went out to those with an email address that doesn't allow for O-Authorization or O Auth. So logging in with Facebook, Google, Microsoft.  

Gotchya.  Feel free to post here instead.

As of last week I was able to log into the Polar cloud.  Now I see the page has changed.  We set up a school account how do I access it when it is not using a google account or Facebook account?

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Had an account under the previous login.

Was forced to use a Google login.

Now I can't access my printer.

I'm having the same problem.  This is very frustrating....Please help!!!!!! We had projects saved and now nothing not even the printer shows up.  Very disappointed!

Email address with any @domain can be used to create a google O-Auth account. You're keeping the same email address and would have same permissions and access before.

Instructions found here: 

If you didn't do this, and instead created a new/separate account, you will not have access to the old printers from your other account. Please log a ticket with your old email address and old email address, and we can merge the accounts.

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