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Repetier-Host/USB printing

Has anyone had any luck connecting to Repetier-Host or printing via USB? I know there was a tutorial floating around on the old forum, but I can't seem to access that individual thread anymore. Any advice would be great!

I've taken the liberty of posting the files from that discussion to this forum in case it is helpful

(209 Bytes)
(10.8 MB)

Hi All,

Very early Polar Printers (no Raspberry Pi, belt driven plate, no LED lights, etc.) will only run with the Polar Branded Repetier host. This has the "Polar Converter" build in. It can be found here, at this link.

Other printers can print over the standard (non-branded) Repetier Host, Pronterface, or Simplify 3D. Just make sure that the slicer and printing host both have the correct size, dimensions, and see the center of the build plate as the Origin.

G-Code Defaults (this file will be updated in the coming weeks)

Hope this helps some of you.


Van Morris

Polar 3D

Community Manager

Direct: 513.258.0031 x107

Great - Is there a recommended 'default' group of setting into Cura or other slicers?  

In otherwords, is there a way to import settings similar to the 'Draft' or 'High Quality' settings from polar cloud as a starting point for Cura, etc?

Very interesting - I'd be curious to hear more details of the new 2.0 printer.

The beginning and end gcode don't seem to have major differences, but I'd be curious about the reasons behind the changes made - From details like removing the fan line 'M106 S255' at the end or changing the initial setpoint of the extruder 'G92 E-10 F1500;' to big picture items, like the change in order of operations.

Thank you so much for the making this easy track for the learning that how any user  can get the help by the bing reward.

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