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Set amount to raise print head between layers

I have 36 tiny items to be printed.  I have them all in one STL and they tend to print each layer successfully.  Unfortunately, at some point over the 45 minute job - some times early, sometimes late, it seems the print head catches on them as it travels above them to start a new layer. 

Is there a CURA setting to increase z-height during travel moves?


Good suggestion. This currently exists but is hidden in a pop-up menu. I'll outline below.

Cura settings > Basic > Enable Retraction - details (click the little gear/cog) > "Z hop when retracting (mm)"

You may see it default to 0.3mm, try raising this somewhere around 0.8mm - 1.0mm.

Please let me know if this helps.


Van Morris

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Just a minor followup: this feature, "z hop", had disappeared from the new Polar Cloud (11 March 2017).  But it was re-introduced in late May 2017.  The disappearance was an oversight.  This note serves to let folks who may have noticed the regression know that it is resolved.

In PRINT SETTINGS, go to the ADVANCED tab.  Under Retraction, click the settings icon (an image of a gear).  Then, in the slide in box of settings which appears, scroll down to "Z Hop".  Default value is typically 0mm.  You can change the value to how high you wish the extruder lifted as it travels about.  A value of 0.2 - 0.3 mm generally suffices unless there is very heavy curling on layers.  (If you do see heavy curling, check your extrusion temperature -- not too high -- and make sure the print cooling fan seems to be running.  Older Polar 3D printers do not have a print cooling fan.  An external fan set to low and aimed towards the printer may help if there's lots of curling up of the plastic mid print.  And I'm here referring to the upper layers curling up and not the layer holding the print to the build plate.)

Note Z Hop is not available for all printers.  E.g., it's not available for the XYZ daVinci Jr.

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Great!  I looked and must have missed this.  

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