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My Polar 3d printers will not connect to the wi-fi or the ethernet. Why?


Help needed I have 3 of these printers and cant work any of them!! 

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Hi Richard! 

I'm sorry to hear about the connectivity problem. We'll get right to the bottom of it. Have you walked through the steps of the Getting Started Guide to set these printers up through Wi-Fi? Or would you like to connect them using an ethernet cable?

I've attached a digital copy of the aforementioned instructions, in case the originals got lost. They walk you through the process, step-by-step, of getting the printer connected — before adding it to the Cloud.

Best Regards,



One thing to note, as  I look at your screenshot, is that you've entered o's instead of 0's in the serial number. This is a little confusing, I know, due to our font selection for those serial number labels. Your printer's serial number appears to be P3D00912 (with zeros). If you've already gone through the steps in Getting Started or are using an ethernet cord, you might try replacing those o's with 0's (zeros).


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