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New Camera Quality

We have two printers, one of which was recently sent for repairs. While gone, a new, "improved" camera was installed. Unfortunately, we're finding this camera to be problematic - the image is blue (temporarily fixed by toggling the "white balance temp, auto" setting), and when we manage to eliminate the blue hue, everything is washed out and unnaturally colored. Also, the angle and zoom of this new camera is awful; it's set too low and close, and it makes everything look like it's wobbling as it prints.





I called Polar 3D to inquire about this, and was told that this is a better quality camera, and that they are sending a new camera so we can replace our old one. If this is the quality of image that the new camera is giving, we certainly won't be switching them out. 

Help, please!! Any ideas to fix what wasn't broken?

Hi Amy,

It sounds like the new camera installed was, itself, defective or may simply need adjusted since installation and shipping. We can assure you the new cameras, overall, are much better than the old ones. We hope you'll find that the replacement shows the improved quality and that this current shot is not indicative of the new cameras as a whole. Please let us know if the issue is not resolved with the replacement and we will be more than happy to help get the quality back up to standards. Thank you!


How can we get the new cameras without sending back for repair?  I got the lab pack back in April.  I have had to send 2 back for minor repairs.  I like the new cameras and want to get them for the other 4 printers.


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