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Issues with camera feed

My work purchased a Polar 3D printer about 2 months ago. I haven't had many chances to use it yet, but we're currently having an issue getting the camera feed to work. I'm connected to the printer, however I keep getting the message "PRINTER IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE IN PRINT JOB FOLDER."

I did a quick search about this issue, and I know that it was recommended that we verify that the make of the printer was listed as Polar 3D. It is listed as such. I even tried changing it to something else and then back, and it still doesn't show the camera feed.


(72.6 KB)

Hi David, 

If you have not already, please submit a ticket with this information. We will be able to personally help you resolve the issue and get you back to printing with the use of your camera!



Thank you for submitting the ticket!


Here are the update for the all web users for require defragment windows 10 all setting to access batter working forever.

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