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Filament stuck

Good morning.  There should be an attached photo that shows my current predicament.  I have some filament that broke off and was stuck between the end of the extruder (I assume) and up to the top of the heat block.  I was eventually able to heat the printer to 180-200 degrees and with tweezers pull out what was hard to reach.  However, once I pulled that 2-3" piece out, it was stuck.  So, I can't get 'something' out.  Not sure what other steps I should take.  What else can I take apart?  I did watch a video from Polar3D.  I

Justin - 

Yes, we did.  It seems like we heated that heat up to like 200+ degrees - far more than the typical heat - maybe even higher.  Then we used the small hex wrench end and shoved through it.  The heat was the key - we simply were going the traditional heat unaware that it could go so much higher - good luck!

Thanks Bill for the tip!

Did you ever resolve this? We had a clog where we had to torch a paperclip to be able to breakthrough the clog

Hi Bill!

We'll get you up and running! Was the video you watched this one?

If so, what's the current status of the printer?

Best Regards,


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