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Z height doesn't reset to "zero" when cancelling and restarting a print

I am on v1.2.19. Printing from cloud. Yoda Thing test object. Yesterday the tardis printed fine. 

Today, I calibrated the Z and X (multiple times), but it keeps starting too high above the plate by about 1mm. When doing Z height, piece of copy paper will just barely fit under the nozzle. 

I've removed the job, reloaded it. Checked multiple objects to see if they would print. Checked to see if the object is "on the plate" on the Stage view. 

I've done a "Kill Job" from the Local interface. 

What gives? 


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I have had the same problem.  Sometimes I can get objects to print, and other times the print head "hovers" over the print plate and makes a nice gob of spaghetti.  Any info?  I also have done the copy paper leveling technique.

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