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LED on the Polar 3d

After updating to the most recent firmware, 16.06.23, my printer will not receive print jobs, and when it does its networking light cycle, it goes from no light, to red, to orange, to yellow, to green, and now it is on purple and will not do anything but send video feed to the cloud. I can control all of the features from local IP though. Please help, I really like this machine!

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I do not have an answer for you.  I am migrating this post to a support ticket and will discuss with a developer today.  Its great to see folks using the forum, but I would encourage you to submit support tickets in parallel.  You will typically get a much quicker response from our support team on a ticket.  



Customer Support Lead

I'm also getting purple LEDs. I have re-flashed my SD cards with the latest image file, connect via Hotspot to run \setid?id=P3DXXXXX, and when it reboots the printer just gets stuck with a purple light. PLEASE HELP! I thought I'd fixed all these issues months ago, but they keep coming back...

same problem here any help?

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