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Blue Camera Image

Intermittently I have had a Blue Camera image from both the Cloud viewer and from the local IP.  I assume this is either a firmware glitch or a loose wire to/from the camera.    

A pointer for how to diagnose this issue, a confirmation that this is a bug in the firmware or pretty much any other response from Polar 3D would be appreciated...   

Actually, it's a quirk of the camera itself and appears to be related to the camera's automatic white color balance.  As the ambient light diminishes (darkens), the camera increases the color temperature in an attempt to pull a little more detail out of the shadows.  However, the camera is ramping the color temperature up so high that you get that extreme blue cast (well past 8K).  However, the camera doesn't seem inclined to ramp it back down again without being power cycled.  Likely a quirk in the electronics embedded within the camera itself.

Color temperature?  As when you go to the hardware store these days and can choose between warm (low color temp), neutral, and slightly bluish (high color temp) LED lightbulbs.  Same effect.

So, it's not your wiring.  It's not the printer software.  It's the electronics in the camera itself.  I've actually been looking some at this and trying to figure out a way to mitigate it without simply disabling the feature entirely in the camera.  The feature is on by default but can be disabled.  Indeed, you can try that yourself: if you power up your printer and then go to <localhost>:8080/videolan.html you should get a window about mjpeg-streamer which is the video control software.  Near the bottom left is a line which reads "Contol".  Click it and there will be another pop-up window.  Uncheck the "White Balance Temperature, Auto" checkbox and see if that makes a difference.  (I only just stumbled into that myself.)

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Thanks for this response!  I could definitely see this could be the issue I was experiencing..

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