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Cannot View Timelapse

I have tried both using IE and Chrome and cannot view the time-lapse imagery from using either platform.  What am I missing?  

Or is this yet another feature that doesn't work...

The timelapses work.  I view them regularly.   My up-to-date Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on OS X all do.  IE and Firefox on my Windows 7 plays them as well.  I never had to install a plugin for them.  The videos are MPEG4 which have been compressed & encoded using H.264.  (Google did once threaten to remove H.264 support, but they never did.)

The question, of course, then is what might be disabled or turned off in your browser.  It's also possible that the videos were unable to upload to the cloud?  After your print is finished, your printer assembles and encodes the video and then uploads it to the cloud over your internet connection.  That can take some time depending upon the speed of your connection.  And, it's always possible, that some sort of firewall or filtering prevented the upload.  Folks at Polar 3D can investigate and see if timelapse videos are being uploaded and are viewable.

I could not view timelapses from multiple PC's on multiple up-to-date browsers.  I'm glad to know they work for others, but I had no luck.

I have returned the printer to Polar3D to address all of the various problems I've had with the printer, most importantly, the dropping of the wired network connection after every print.  Hopefully the new printer will have fewer glitches and my experience will be much improved!

Just unboxed and set up the replacement printer.  Immediately after the first print, I could easily view the time-lapse video!  

Perhaps it is likely that this and the network connection drop are inter-related.  

We're happy to hear this has been resolved! 

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