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How do you change out the nozzle?

I have had major problems with the nozzle clogging.  I watched the video on how to unclog, then I unclogged it, and would have a successful print or 2 and then it would be back to being clogged again.  So I ordered a new nozzle.  Now I can't find information on how to change out the nozzle and don't want to break it.  How do you change out the nozzle to a new one?  Just use a wrench?

That's my understanding - however I've not done it before so take this with a grain of salt.

I would carefully hold the red heater element in place using the  large hex nut immediately above it to prevent it from turning.  Be careful not to damage the small wires leading to it just behind the large nut.  The nozzle itself is about 7/16 I think.

Some instructions indicate heating the hot end first, then after the nozzle is off, feeding filament through to be sure it feeds smoothly and that there are no problems above the nozzle itself.  

Over in the old support archive, I found this nugget by Bill, in discussion of cleaning a nozzle clogged with filament:

"You might need to take off the nozzle itself (it's 10mm) and push the 1.5mm allen wrench up through the feed tube opening as well.  To clear the nozzle itself, use a .38mm guitar string ($.79) from any music store.

WARNING: You can only remove the nozzle while the printer is hot... and you'll need to hold the heater portion from the top with a 12mm wrench.  Don't touch the nozzle with your hands... obviously, it'll be very hot... I normally just loosen it with the wrenches until it falls onto the build plate.  Let it cool before trying to reinstall it, but you'll need to reinstall it back into the hot portion... so it can get past any melted plastic in it.


Hi Allen & Ben,

There's a short article on our FAQ page that walks you through the process of replacing your nozzle. Please be careful, as this operation has to happen while the nozzle is hot. Most of us elect to use a heat resistant glove of some kind to prevent a burn.

Hi Ben and Allyn,

I haven't heard back from you. Did this resolve your clogged nozzle?

I actually don't have this problem (yet) - was just trying to be helpful...

I did not.  I have just literally put it to the side until I have time to get to it. It is just frustrating to deal with this printer.  I cannot get to the heat controls because I am told at a school and on a pc means that the IP address is constantly changing.  That means I have to go through a huge 2 week ordeal to get someone from the district to come out and find out the IP.  Then I can only get to the controls that day until the printer is turned off at night and the IP changes again.  Controls inaccessible again.  Why are the heat controls not available on the Polar Cloud panel?!  Is there anyway I can do this without having the IP address?  

On the polar cloud, you should be able to choose the printer, then at the top should be 'go to Local IP'. A worksraound would be to ask your IT people to set an up a reserved IP address based on the printers MAC address (should be easy if convince them that is easier than you bugging them all the time). I've also suggested Polar adding a static IP address setting as a feature in the system.

I understand completely. A lot of folks elect not to connect their printer using the wireless function. They use an ethernet cable instead so that they can unplug the cable (and reset) to get access to the Local IP. 

That said, it sounds like we need to get your printer on a fixed IP the next time your district folks are out there so that you don't have to deal with this problem in the future. With help from your IT department, it should be pretty easy to get this thing hooked up using a fixed IP. The attached document is for the new version of our printers, but the same information can be used to identify your printer's MAC address and use it to add your printer to a fixed IP, at the district level. To start, however, you'll have to get your printer out of range of your wireless network to access the local IP.


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