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LED Lights on Printer

What is the status of having the LED lights on around the camera turning on to allow the print bed to be seen when printing in a dark room?  I thought I recall that this was mentioned as newly integrated in firmware 3 months ago, but my latest print this evening did not show them working.

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One Week...


I am migrating all forum topics under "report a problem"  to support tickets.  As you may have noticed, we have not been monitoring our forums as closely as you are.  We are a small (but growing) company.  We appreciate your patience and support as our head count catches up with the work load.  If you are interested in a part time job working as a customer support agent we should talk...really.  You'd be great.  My cell number is 513-258-8415 or call the office at 513-258-0031 x118.  

I believe your image is dark because there is nothing to catch and reflect the light from the LEDs.  The LEDs are not aimed at the extruder: they are aimed below it.  That way the object being printed can be imaged under very low light conditions and even in the dark. 

Try putting an object right below the nozzle in a dark room and you should be able to see it.  I've attached an image which demonstrates this.  The printer is in an extremely dark room.

My picture above actually does have 5 or 6 items on the build plate.  My LEDs would be on, but barely glow. Nonetheless - I would have expected a bit brighter of an image than you posted, but at least what was printed is visible.

I have returned the printer to Polar3D to address all of the various problems I've had with the printer, most importantly, the dropping of the wired network connection after every print.  Hopefully the new printer will have fewer glitches

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