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With the full transition to for support, is there an archive of the old forum still availible?  There was a lot of good information there....

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I would also like to view an archive of the old support.

I also would like to see the old forms imported to the new system.

No idea how long it will last, but after much searching I found that the old forum is still availible!

I understand if Polar 3D disables submissions to force new discussion to the new forum, but please keep the archive for a bit!!

We are currently making some changes based on customer responses and suggestions. This topic has been noted. Thank you for your ongoing support!

One other thing, would it be possible for the new forum to make the text darker. When I look at the old forum on the phone, I have troubles reading it. 


But when I look at the new forum, the text is so light it is hard to read who it was posted by, when the last reply was


Would it be possible to change the font color on the new forum. When I am looking at the old forum on my phone, I have no issue


When I look at the new forum on my phone, it is hard to read when it was updated and who relied..


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