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Filament use prediction

It would be great if the cloud slicer could give an prediction as to the amount of filament that will be used before you start your print run.

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Agreed!  It's ok to have after we press start (as it is now), but I would love to be able to see a quick estimate of the filament as well as the time a print will take when it is in the queue to pick the best print to send next.  

If there isn't already (I haven't tested), I would also like to see a warning if something is problematic with the print - perhaps it's extending out of the build volume or the like...

I have just started using netfabb basic to tell me if there are problems with a print.

The problem here is that there is no cloud slicer.  The slicing is done on the printer.  And the printer only does that when told to print....  Doesn't mean that this isn't possible.  Just explaining why it isn't available at present.

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