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Excess support/rafting material on prints.

 Hi. I just completed a draft setting print using wood filament. The final print wasn't too bad, but there was, what seemed, an excessive amount of support/rafting that didn't seem necessary to me. It created all of this rafting in empty spaces around the columns of the model. Any way to keep or control the printer from filling up empty space with rafting when not needed?

excess rafting from in between columns of temple

Rafting creating in empty space of model

You can turn supports off if you load the model to the platform and click 'Cura Settings" - Support & retraction should help.  Just keep in mind, the printer is adding those because it has determined that the print would be unsuccessful without it due to overhangs - It can't print filament in the air...

Ben. Thank you. Understood. I was hoping to be able to have some control over how much filament is used for that purpose. I want to be able to tweak to save on some filament. 

Thank you again!

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