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Get an actual brim

When I select the Brim option, what other printers call a skirt is printed out. I'd like to see what a real brim could do to aid in adhesion. I've found I need a raft for most parts in order for them to stick.

It would be great if we could get what other slicers call a brim.

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This link goes to a summary of terminology to differentiate between skirts, brims and rafts - I've not tested, but I definitely agree that terms should be as similar as possible to standard usage.

Just to confirm - I fully agree that the 'brim' in Polar3D is indeed a Skirt and a true Brim would be handy - Especially for supports areas. These break off every time without a Raft or Brim.

Steve & Ben,

Thanks for the note. This is a known bug in the Cura engine we are using. It is on our list of items to clean up, we hope to have a fix to you soon. In the mean time I'd suggest making sure your plate has plenty of hair spray and you have a very compressed 1st layer for good adhesion. Small parts can be printed at slower speeds (30mm/sec) for better results.


I'm not sure how "brim" made it into the "1.0" Polar Cloud without working.  At issue is the fact that the slicer on the printers does not have the concept of a "brim".  Skirts, yes.  Rafts, yes.  Brims, no.  Somehow it was put into the web front end without anything to then make it work correctly.  Remains something of a mystery to me.

While the next generation cloud doesn't poke the software on your printer and thus cannot make brim a concept known by the slicer, it can and will attempt to address the situation by simulating a brim.  Should you ask for a brim, it will then tell your printer's slicer to use a skirt but with no spacing between the skirt and the model.  I forget offhand how many perimeters it will use for the brim/skirt, but four is the number which comes to mind.

Image below isn't really all that relevant.  Something of a teaser to be honest.


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