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3D Scanner?

It occurred to me today that the Polar printer looks a lot like some of the 3D scanners I've seen. Made me wonder how hard it would be to build scanning functionality in.

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This should be relatively straight forward.  1 or 2 wings to hold the lasers and some processing on the Pi - a box/backdrop to provide a clean background would be helpful.  

And there are already opensource Pi packages for doing this exact thing. It's just a matter of having the Pi host this and the modified OctoPi package and the interface between both.  

I'm not sure how exactly scanner functionality can be build in Polar, but it' wasn't so hard to build 3D scanner with Raspberry Pi 2. I used 2 Raspberry Pi Zero cameras, a multi-view stereo (MVS) algorithm to turn images into 3D model, Power supply's voltage 12 Vcc / 700 mA, the unit in the form of the triangular frame. made of aluminium extrusions, a small projector and  Artec Studio for data processing. I heard that someone made Raspberry Pi 3D scanner which consists of 100 of the Pi cameras.

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